Vendor's License

Regular vendor’s licenses are obtained at the Auditor’s office

A regular vendor’s license is issued to vendors with a fixed place of business.  The application fee is $25.00 with no yearly renewal fee. A new law allows for the transfer of a vendor’s license to another location WITHIN THE SAME COUNTY. You may obtain a request for transfer of a vendor’s license form STE-TL at your county Auditors office. 

The definition of a transient vendor’s license has been expanded to cover those sales that were previously covered by a limited vendor’s license.  The application fee for a transient vendor’s license has been reduced to $25.00. ( with no yearly renewal fee)  Only the Department of taxation issues a transient vendor’s license.  Application forms can be obtained from the County Auditor’s office.

Vendor’s licenses are not transferable.  A new license is required if you incorporate or add a partner.  If you change your trade name or d.b.a., a new license is not required.

A vendor’s license is canceled by completing line 10 on the ST10 form (final return indicating the last day of business.)

  • Delivery (sales based on delivery of goods and certain services at consumer’s location). 
  • Transient (vendors who transport stock of goods to temporary places of business in order to make sales)
  • Service (computer services, landscaping, private investigation, 900 numbers, exterminating service, building maintenance, janitorial service, employment service, etc.

Vendors licenses are obtained through the State of Ohio. Please call (614) 728-1081 for details.


Application for Vendor's License to Make Taxable Sales (ST1)